About us

Amazing Product Buyers Co. develops high quality Eco-friendly cleaning products in California. Our Brands and Trademarks include Broom Huggie and Earthmop Wraps. Our priority is providing superior service to our customers and assisting them when they need customer support. Our commitment to excellence and product design makes us a great choice when choosing the products you use everyday.



Jessica Rowin – President

I am a San Diego native, married mother of three children.  Professionally, I have been a surgical technician for the past 15 years  and have been delivering babies most of my career. I have also owned and managed real estate and owned and operated two salons before my kids  were born. I am an entrepreneur at heart and have always worked hard to  make my ideas become a reality. I wish I could say I have more “free  time” for hobbies, I do make time for yoga and exercise. I enjoy cooking which is a great hobby to have with three hungry growing kids!